Give a detailed description of the Novell NetWare IPX packet.


35.Give a detailed description of the Novell NetWare IPX packet.

Novell NetWare is a popular network in the PC world. It was designed for companies who wanted to have a network of PCs. In this system some PCs functioned as clients and other powerful PCs functioned as servers. It is based on the idea of client server model.

The architecture of Novell NetWare is shown in figure. It looks more like TCP/IP reference model than OSI reference model.

Novell NetWare model

The various standards such as internet, IBM token ring, FDDI, PPP and ARC net can be chosen for physic and data link layer. An unreliable connectionless internetwork protocol called IPX (Internet Packet Exchange) runs on the network layer. It is used to transfer the packets from sour to
destination. The source and destination can reside ii different networks. IPX is similar o IP (Internet Protocol) in functionality. It uses 12-byte address whereas IP uses only 4-bytes addresses.

On the transport layer a connection-oriented transport protocol called NCP (Network Core Protocol) runs. NCP is the heart or Novell NetWare that provide various services in addition to the data tratisol1. A second protocol that can run above IPX is SPX (Sequenced Packet Exchange). It provides only the data transport. Another option available is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Any one of the three can be chosen by an application. For example, the tile system application uses NCP and SPX used by Lotus Notes.

There are no session and presentation layers in the NetWare. On the application layers various application layers various application protocols are available such as SAP, file server etc.

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